Frequently Asked Questions

Are the residents of F.O.R.T.E. only women?

      -Yes. However, we eventually hope to expand to assisting men as well.




Is living at F.O.R.T.E. free of charge?

      -We focus on economic self-sufficiency so, no. After a rent-free grace period, residents pay a monthly, subsidized rent to prepare them for that responsibility once they transition out.




Can a person come directly from jail or prison to F.O.R.T.E.?

     -Yes. However, F.O.R.T.E. is not currently a replacement for a halfway house or any other court-mandated program.


Do you accept those with violent offenses?

- This is determined by a case by case basis. All F.O.R.T.E. residents, no matter their past, complete a thorough screening process prior to admittance.