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 Peer Mentor Program


F.O.R.T.E. recognizes the challenges faced in the first steps of entering an academic community, as well as the difficulties of re-entry. We are also aware of the value of the socio-economic growth of post-secondary education. Our Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) is crucial to promote successful reintegration, transition, and social capital. Individuals who have been marginalized and excluded require a sense of connection and belonging as a vital path to self-empowerment. The PMP alleviates cultural shock and helps to navigate the transition process of entering into society by assisting with the academic sphere, technology etiquette, and job-readiness.

F.O.R.T.E. has integrated participants, volunteers, and community members to work together for a successful transition for participants from living on the inside to thriving on the outside:

  • Participants – formerly incarcerated people who want to improve their opportunities to earn a living, have positive relationships and regain the trust of family, friends and community members.

  • Peer Mentors – trained volunteers who serve to coach and accompany their Participant to accomplish Education Action Plan

  • Supportive Community – positive members of the Participant’s family or former support network who are interested in assisting the Participant to build productive relationships, restoring trust and accountability.

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